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You’re Damn Right I Ordered the Code Red [Sox]

Those seemingly dark clouds over Fenway will brighten.

The Boston Red Sox are 0-5 after five games of the 2011 season and media outlets like ESPN are attempting to seize upon a fictional panic. See the “panic meter” bit SportsCenter has been running with Tim Kurkjian. It should be noted that ESPN also speculated about the Reds’ World Series prospects due to their 5-0 start – time to introduce “the hype meter”? Perhaps fans newer to the game are experiencing something along the lines of panic, but anyone who has watched Major League Baseball for some time knows there is little reason to to get the knickers in a twist. Five games is equal to 3% of the season. Every World Series champion since 2000 has had at least one five game losing streak during the regular season (thanks to ESPN for this tidbit).

Teams lose when they don’t pitch and hit. Simple as that. The Red Sox will start doing both of these things well and likely win enough games to, at a minimum, compete for the Wild Card. It should not be surprising that this team would struggle a bit. They have some new faces in Crawford and Gonzalez. They have guys coming back from injury in Youkilis, Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Beckett. They are transitioning to a new pitching coach after John Farrell, who spent four years in Boston, left to manage the Blue Jays. New catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia has big, historic, and well-respected shoes to fill in taking over for Jason Varitek as the nearly everyday catcher.

So, it’s shocking to think this team would not struggle at the start of the season. Experts and fans alike were likely blinded by the huge free agent acquisitions the Red Sox have made. The popular World Series prediction this spring has been Red Sox-Phillies. Let’s all take a breath and look at this thing rationally. It is an extremely long season and we are not two weeks removed from spring training. Save the panic for September; there will be plenty to go around – especially if the NFL lockout is not resolved.

Photo by Werner Kunz

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