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WTF-Gate or You Can Keep Your Damn Gate


Why must every controversy in sports these days be labeled something-gate? Spygate, Tripgate, everything fucking gate. Watergate was a political scandal that happened at a place called Watergate. Let’s leave gate to Watergate.

I’m not sure if ESPN is to blame for this, but I love to blame ESPN for most annoying things sports related, so let’s do that. Why didn’t the Favre thing get a gate suffix? Favregate? Cockgate? Sextgate? Shitty-old-quarterbackgate? ESPN probably refrained from this because so many of their analysts absolutely love Brett Favre. Take Chris Berman’s recent proclamation regarding the unfortunate end to Favre’s career that was 2010. Berman said something to the effect of Favre’s career being like a great meal with a bad dessert. So, there it is folks. Berman finally admits that he wants to eat Brett Favre. We’ve known for a while that Berman had unholy urges and thoughts about Favre, but c’mon Chris!

Anyway, here’s to a moratorium on naming scandals after Watergate. It’s just plain lazy and lacks creativity, but then again, that’s what we’ve come to expect from the bulk of sports journalism.

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