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Will the Steelers Cut the Cheese or will the Packers Steel the Win?

Super Bowl XLV MVP: A-Rodge

Trying to iron out my thinking on Super Bowl XLV for gambling purposes, so thought I’d lay out a few quick thoughts on the game.  Plus, I really wanted use that headline and couldn’t justify it without some analysis of the big game.  Side note:  Arlington, Texas is about to see the World Series and the Super Bowl in a three month stretch.  Who woulda thunk it?

This is a tough game to predict.  Both of these teams have had dominant stretches in this postseason, and struggles.  The Steelers biggest issue seems to be the occasional bout of sloppiness, which leads to turnovers – see the 1st half of the divisional round game against the Ravens.  This Steelers team makes the plays when it needs to, but lost to the best passing offense in the league back in December when the Patriots came to Pittsburgh.  Now the Steelers face the second best passing game in the league on a fast indoor surface.

The Packers biggest issue is likely the complete lack of a running game which will make them one dimensional.  Granted, that one dimension is a fantastic passing game, and that almost carried the Cardinals to a championship over the Steelers two years ago.  The Steelers lost to the Saints and Patriots in the regular season- both very good passing teams.  They would have lost to the Bills but for a dropped touchdown pass in overtime by Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson, and the Buffalo passing offense was prolific at times this year.  All this adds up to the Steelers struggling against good passing teams.

The status of Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey is an issue as well, particularly considering the inability of the backup center, Doug Legursky to consistently snap the ball.  If Pouncey doesn’t practice tomorrow, he likely will not play.  This could hamper Roethlisberger’s protection, and throw the Steelers offense off a bit.  However, the Steelers have had two weeks to prepare for this and Roethlisberger is at his best when forced to improvise, so don’t expect this to be a deciding factor.

Super Bowl XLV should be a very close game.  My gut tells me the Steelers will win.  Roethlisberger has a knack for making whatever plays he needs to make, and he’s hot right now.  This Pittsburgh team has been here before and Green Bay has not.  The Packers have been somewhat dominant this postseason, and their potent passing game and aggressive defense could carry them to their first post-Favre championship.  This one is too close to call, thus, I’ll pick on emotion:  Packers 30 Steelers 28.  Super Bowl MVP: Aaron Rodgers.

Tony’s Pick: 

The Packers are very much like the Cardinals team the Steelers beat a few years ago, Both were 6th seeds that people said didn’t belong in the playoffs, they have no running game, a good passing game and an opportunistic defense. And that game was decided by a score with less than a minute in the game. The thing is this Packers team is better than that Cardinals team. The Steelers are a good team but are not as good as the Steelers team of 2 years ago. And if Karma does exist Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t deserve to win again.
Pick: Packers 28-24

Photo by Darin House

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