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What We’d Look Like As Stuffed Bears

The Misery Bear series from BBC was brought to my attention recently.  In a word — phenomenal.  I swear that I have lived the episode below at least 10 times.  I love this fucking bear.  Hilarious.  Those Brits nailed it with this one.

Somehow, the day to day drudgery of an office job is even sadder through the eyes of a stuffed bear.  The semi-sedating/depressing music adds to this, but ultimately this resonates on a laugh and cry level.  It is the epitome of misery’s love of company.

On the brightside, at least such great art can come out of the tedium that is the traditional nine to five workday.  To make this a bit more constructive, I’ll offer a resource that has helped me get closer to escape from the unremarkable life — read The Leap by Rick Smith.