Boston Liverpool Fans: Twice as Nice

Hey Everyone…

I would like to take a moment and share a brief story with you. It is a story we can all learn from. Over the weekend, Gary Speed, the Wales national team manager took his own life. For those of you that don’t know, Gary Speed is a legend in football – loved by absolutely everyone that met him. He had 535 appearances in the Premier League, winning the title with Leeds United in 1992. He enjoyed successful spells with Newcastle, Sheffield United, and Bolton before retiring in 2008. Last year, Wales appointed him national team coach. On Sunday morning, his wife walked into his room at 7 AM to discover that he hanged himself. He was 42 years old. He leaves behind two children and a wonderful family. There were no signs of depression. Friends and family claim he was laughing and joking only 12 hours prior. It has been a sad w

eekend in football, and Gary Speed will always be remembered. So with that, I ask of you, do not take life for granted. Do not forget the importance of the people you love in this world – as they are the ones that give you strength.

So with that said, the show must go on….

Team News

Fuck off Chelsea FC, you ain’t got no history! Last night Liverpool beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge for the second time in 9 days. We haven’t lost to them in 5 games, which includes a 4 game winning streak. Last night, less than 48 hours after putting on an impressive display against Man City, Kenny Dalglish put our Carling Cup success on the very broad shoulders of Andy Carroll. Andy fucking Carroll. Come on you fucking Geordie! This is it! This is your chance! Score a goal and seize your moment! WAIT! HANDBALL IN THE BOX!! PENALTY TO LIVERPOOL!!!  PENALTY!! Who’s taking it?? Maxi? Bellamy? NO!! ANDY FUCKING CARROLL. And you know what? He drills it down the middle, right into the keeper’s feet. Christ, you couldn’t of scripted that any better. You almost wish he was drunk when he kicked the ball, probably wouldn’t of it hit so straight. No matter, goals from Maxi and Kelly ensured our victory and progression into the Carling Cup Semi-finals. And all things considered, Carroll didn’t play poorly. He just can’t score for fuck ‘all.

Personal News

I went for a walk the other day through a beautiful field. The sun was shining bright, everything seemed in total harmony. My girlfriend was massaging my back as we rode a unicorn through piles of money. Then I woke up to my alarm, realized it was a dream induced by too much NyQuil, and proceeded to cough up a lung. You guessed it: I am sick. You can mail ‘Get Well’ cards to my apartment in Brighton.

Phoenix Landing

No game this weekend kids. Liverpool plays on Monday. The next Phoenix Landing opportunity is Saturday, December 10th at 10 AM. Also on December 10th, the LFC Boston Christmas Party!! I know most of you plan on going, so this should be a great time. It goes from 5-10 PM.


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Photo by Andy Nugent