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The Drunken Sportsmen Podcast # 7 aka Apologies to Garry Hoy

Will Gonzalez propel the Red Sox to a 3rd World Series in 7 years?

The Drunken Sportsmen drink Jim Beam Distiller Series bourbon while dissecting MLB hot stove moves, including the Red Sox acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford, and the state of the Washington Nationals.
The Drunken Sportsmen also make their world premier in video, debuting with a very special Christmas episode.  Jason Varitek makes a guest appearance, but doesn’t have much to say – he’s the strong, silent type.

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Also available on iTunes.

The Drunken Sportsmen #7 aka Apologies to Garry Hoy

Photo by Dirk Hansen

Podcast Music: Hear Us Now by Scott Altham

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