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The Drunken Sportsmen Podcast # 12 aka They’re Probably Punters

What do the Jets have in common with punters?

We discuss the NFL conference championship games while easing our pain with James Irish Whiskey.  Listen as Tony and Drew try to talk Bill down off the ledge and celebrate several new Drunken Sportsmen milestones. Plus, a bonus Jake Plummer tangent! Also, apologies to our Wyoming listeners, it’s a lovely state. It’s the Drunken Sportsmen.

Cheers!  Thanks for listening!

Also available on iTunesThe Drunken Sportsmen #12

Podcast Music: Hear Us Now by Scott Altham

Photo by Squeaky Clean

Notes:  On December 10, 1869, territorial Gov. John Allen Campbell signed a suffrage act into law, which extended the right to vote to women. And in addition to being the first U.S. state to grant suffrage to women, Wyoming was also the home of other firsts for U.S. women in politics. For the first time, women served on a jury in Wyoming (Laramie in 1870).  Thank you Wikipedia!

I’d also like to apologize/warn that this is a particularly explicit episode.  We clink our glasses to subjects/people in an effort to mock them.  Please take everything in this episode with a grain of salt, particularly if it offends you – unless you’re a Jets fan in which case go get !@#$%^.

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