Super Bowl Podcast: Patriots-Giants Predictions, Analysis, Drinks, Dreams, Nightmares


Rob Gronkowski, a god amongst men, is one of many x-factors in Super Bowl 46.
Erik Frenz of joins us at Game On next to Fenway Park to discuss every conceivable angle of Super Bowl 46. With various drinks in hand, we dissected the following issues in explicit detail:


Super Bowl MVP? (Other than Tom Brady or Eli Manning)

Which unit will have the biggest impact? (Other than the Giants defensive line)

Who will win Super Bowl 46?

Who are the dark horses of Super Bowl 46?

What will the Patriots do to slow down the Giants pass rush?

The differences between 2011 Patriots and 2007 Patriots

Will Rob Gronkowski play and how effective will he be?


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Music: Hear Us Now by Scott Altham

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