Stanley Cup Podcast: Boston Bruins are Champions (Recap Infused with Grey Goose)

We discuss the Bruins’ mind-blowing Stanley Cup victory to the fullest extent of the law.  Grey Goose vodka is the drink of choice.  Also available on iTunes.   Other topics covered in this episode:

-Tragedy in Vancouver

-Why you should not fear the NFL Lockout

-Boston Red Sox winning ways

-Von Miller’s upcoming debut with the Broncos

-Coping with life and 40+ years of work

-Should dunking actually excite us?

-The phenomenal show that is Dexter

-Whether you should watch Game of Thrones with your parents

-Home theater systems

-Drunken English as first language

-Inopportune voice cracks

-Blowing stuff up in college

-New bars in Boston

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Photo by Andrew Teman