Sports Podcast: Bobby Valentine’s Day, Mercury “Less is” Morris, Tim Tebow-ner Check, Patriots-Colts

Photo by Elvis Kennedy

We come to you from Jake and Joe’s glorious sports bar in Norwood, MA (apparently on the auto-mile) this week.

In a shocking episode we manage to discuss the statute of limitations of Jerry Sandusky’s legal case.  We all make mistakes.

We also discuss Bobby Valentine as lightning rod for the Red Sox, Peyton “Potaton” Manning, significance of Patriots-Colts (+21), and once again Tim Tebow’s run at the Most Debated Player award, and why I love Dan Orlovsky

ESPN had a Tiger Woods Alert yesterday in response to Tiger leading a PGA tournament.  So, once again I say, ESPN…what a bunch of assholes.

Cheers!  Thanks for listening! Also available on iTunes and various other internet back alleys.

Photo by Elvis Kennedy