Sports Pod: Patriots, Super Bowl 47 Prop Bets, Liverpool-Oldham & Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

Super Bowl XXXVI game ball

The good ole days. Official Super Bowl XXXVI game ball. Photo: ThornMonkey via Flickr.

 Where’s Whitey Bulger? What’s going on with Robert Parrish?
Is the Patriots run over? Will Wes Welker play for the Patriots again?
Apparently two brothers are coaching in the Super Bowl?
Super Bowl Prop bet analysis – Vonta Leach TD? Titty appearance? Harbaugh parents?
What’s the difference between A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews?  How dark and how many skeletons are in Clay’s closet?
Alicia Keys’s ass — fo’ real? What’s it like at an Alicia Keys concert?
Super Bowl XXXVI rehash. Was that really Janet Jackson’s boob?
Baseball Hall of Fame talk – the argument for caring or not caring. Barry Bonds Apologist Society is officially founded by Anthony.
Liverpool’s loss to Oldham Athletic. Who is Matt Smith?
FIFA songs and memories, oh the memories
National Geographic – the original porn source

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