Sports Pod: LeBron, Kobe, Red Sox, Roy Hodgson, & Jerk Buckets

LeBron "We are all witness" billboard

The building was whistled for a flagrant foul on this play. LeBron shot two.

The podcast you’ve been waiting for is here.  Proven to improve the cut of your jib.

Give ‘er a listen and try not to cry.  We fucking DARE you not to cry!

Ok, quick run down.  We get lost in the “is LeBron a butt rapist” debate, who is Roy Hodgson, and what are these Red Sox we keep hearing so much about.

We also cover some of the tougher issues facing our nation today including dental hygiene and socialism.

Sit back, have a bourbon and coke, and let your fears melt away via this delicious, ribald, intoxicating, and many other words we barely understand podcast.

Warmest regards,

The Drunken Sportsmen

Photo by Craig Hatfield.