Response to Tim Tebow’s New Job Opportunities

Tim Tebow kneelingTim Tebow

is loved in Northern Florida — he grew up on a farm in Jacksonville and was a part of 2 Florida National Championships (2006, 2008).

Shad Kahn, the new owner of the Jaguars is actually in a “catch 22″. If he orders his football people to trade for Tebow, it WILL fill the stadium and make Kahn money, but if the Jaguars are filling the stadium or at least avoiding tv blackouts, the NFL will NOT let them move to Los Angeles as you suggest.

I agree with you and tweeted earlier this week that the Eagles might make the most sense for Tebow. Backing up an injury/crime prone Vick would allow Tebow a few starts behind a QB that has similar, yet superior skills to what Tebow possess. As a Giants and Tebow fan this would be my nightmare.

A lot of talking heads have pointed Tebow towards the Dolphins, because of the Florida love, but it will be tough for the Dolphins to tell new head coach Joe Philbin to throw his “Packers” offense out the window at his first job and adjust to Tebow.

Some other teams that make sense include:

Minnesota Vikings

They will be without Adrian Peterson to start the season (need star power), and the Vikings are another team in consideration to move to LA. Tebow would sell tickets and compete with an injury prone Christian Ponder, who wasn’t even the best college QB in the state, when he was at Florida St.

Arizona Cardinals

Peyton Manning gave them the “Next” (old MTV reference) before they even got off the bus and the Cardinals were forced into giving Kevin Kolb a 7 million bonus, so unlikely, but Tebow “attempting” to throw to Larry Fitzgerald would have to bring his completion percentage into the 50%+ range.

New York Jets

When the Jets talked to Peyton Manning, Mark Sanchez cried like a teenage girl who just found out that Justin Bieber cut his hair (Sanchez knows teenage girls), and the Jets gave him a 3 year extension. If they were to bring in Tebow, Sanchez may need serious counseling and a sponsor to keep him from jumping off one of NYCs many bridges. When Tebow doesn’t go to the Jets, they will be forced to give Sanchez a lifetime contract and tell him how much they love him.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are sticking with old Tebow rival Colt McCoy, in hopes of drafting USC QB Matt Barkley next season, but Tebow could walk in the door and be the starter by the time players are allowed at the team complex April, 1.

Kansas City Chiefs

Highly unlikely but, just wanted to mention that Brady Quinn just signed with KC and if they signed Tebow, Quinn would “go postal” at the team facility, screaming “not again Tebow!”


I’m not sure the Raiders lack of moral turpitude, would mesh with Tebowmania.


Sure, they are going to draft this Andrew Luck guy, but he is kind of boring, and it would allow Tebow to stick to the horse-named teams in the NFL.

In the event nobody wanted Tebow, it would re-open is opportunity to be the “Bachelor” could you imagine the whores on that show trying to make out with Tebow, and Tim saying wouldn’t it be more fun to read our favorite bible quotes and look at our promise rings?

Regardless of what city Tebowmania captivates next, the fact is Karma is coming for John Elway and the Broncos, something worse than what the Red Sox and Cubs have endured over time. Elway is putting a lot of faith in a 36 year old QB who had more neck surgeries than wins last season (4 to 0). The Broncos are going to need a good backup QB in case Manning’s fused vertebrae and nerve damage can’t handle the NFL. Take a look around, all the quality backups have signed, maybe Matt Leinart or Charlie Batch will get a call?

Last season Tebow was 8-4 as a starter including a playoff win, maybe divine intervention was involved, but I’m predicting right now, that the Broncos will not win more with Manning than they did with Tebow last season.


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