Red Sox Flush the Theo Epstein Era Down the Toilet to LA

Fenway Park

Red sky at night, Red Sox delight? Photo by Night Owl City via Flickr

The nearly completed Red Sox/Dodgers Blockbuster trade

will send Pitcher/Beer Drinker/Fried Chicken enthusiast Josh Beckett, constantly injured Outfielder Carl Crawford, first baseman/team texter Adrian Gonzalez and utility player Nick Punto from the Red Sox to the Dodgers for 1B James Loney, OF Jerry Sands, P Rubby De La Rosa, P Allen Webster, and SS Ivan DeJesus.

Sources (whoever those mysterious unaccountable people are) have said Beckett and Crawford have both waived their no-trade clauses to “ship out” of Boston ASAP.

While this potential deal gets a lot of money off the books for the Red Sox, I think 250 million, they are not getting much value back. James Loney is an above average fielding platoon (Juan Rivera) 1B who hits for average, with very little power. Jerry Sands is a failed OF prospect, an area Boston already seems to have enough guys at Ryan Kalish supposedly being the next big thing.

The Sox also have Daniel Nava, who has shown some flashes, and would like to resign Drunken Sportsmen favorite Cody Ross. Rubby (like the gem, not like the pastime) De La Rosa, has made 1 start coming off Tommy John surgery, and will likely be on a Strasburg innings count next season.

Ivan DeJesus, is basically a younger version of Nick Punto a utility guy at best. P  Allen Webster, appears to be the Dodgers #2 pitching prospect (#1 Zach Lee) who was an 18th rd pick in the 2008 draft that has worked his way through the system.

I realize the benefit of the financial flexibility for the Red Sox and the opportunity to get rid of club house cancer Josh Beckett but the Red Sox should have been able to come away with at least 1 high level player for the talent they are parting with, someone like SS Dee Gordon, who has been replaced by Hanley Ramirez would have given the fan base something to be excited about.

For anybody who wasn’t sure the Red Sox were eliminated from the Wild card chase (they were weeks ago) this is John Henry waiving the white flag as he sails away from the Boston Harbor Hotel on his yacht, the Iroquois, likely heading to watch his Liverpool Soccer Club.

And if anyone ever wanted to see what a Ghost Town looks like, head on over to Fenway park this September, tickets had already been selling on the secondary market for under $10, scalpers will probably pay you to go watch the games. As you sit among the 10,000 fans in attendance, the Red Sox, will remind you that you are at the 1 billionth consecutive sell out (which the Boston Globe proved doesn’t mean actually selling all the tickets) There is always next season, they have an offseason to overspend on some Free Agents and figure out if any players will actually be happy to play for Bobby Valentine.

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Photo by Night Owl City via Flickr.