Red Sox Fans to Liverpool Fans: We Can See Your Future, Enjoy the Present

A Bitter Reaction to A Bitter Defeat at the End of A Bitter Season of Disappointment

To all my fellow LFC fans across the pond: pay no attention to what just happened to your sister team in Boston. At least for the time being.
For now, enjoy the rebirth. Enjoy the renewed sense of optimism that comes from knowing your team is owned and managed by sports savants, the smartest guys in the EPL room.  No more good ‘ol boys from Texas. No more gun slingin’ ownership style. No more half-truths and half-assery. Just cool, calm, and calculated decisions built upon mountains of irrefutable data and statistical analysis. Just the best damn sports production value money can buy and a marketing team that knows how to suck every last bit of value out of the A#1 platinum brand that is Liverpool Football Club.
For now, you are ahead of your time. Fools that they are, most other teams still trust what they spy with their own little eyes. They still believe in silly things like “intangibles.”
For now, this will work to your advantage. You have an edge, and that edge will bring you players and results you will be proud of. You will win a 19th league title. Maybe even a 20th. The FA Cup could be yours as soon as this season and Champions League glory could follow close behind. You will finally resolve your stadium dilemma and you will probably be thrilled with the final product.
All told, you have about four or five years of good times ahead. After that, I’d take that glance over your shoulder across the Atlantic. After that, prepare yourself for mind-boggling personnel decisions that only a computer program could love. After that, get ready for Reds teams that suck all joy, all emotion, and all heart out of the game.  After that, brace yourself for an endless stream of assembly-line players in pig masks, marching onto the pitch in lock step to Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall.”
They will win just enough to keep you watching, but not enough to make you care. Their dispassion will be your dispassion. Your attention will shift to other things. They will try to win you back with big name signings and relentless advertising, like a parent trying to buy back his kid’s affection after a messy divorce. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. We haven’t gone far enough down that road to be certain, but the outlook is not promising. All I can say, LFC fans, is that I’ve seen some distance into the future and my strong advice is to enjoy the present while it lasts
Photo by Andy Nugent
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