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Rad is as Rad Does: The Best BMX Rags to Riches Story Ever Told

After watching clips of Rad for the last half hour, I’ve decided this movie deserves a brief rehashing. Rad stands the test of time. Cru Jones is still rad. The music is still rad. Bart Taylor is still a rad-ass. It has all the quirks/flaws you look for in a great 80s movie: Awkward, inexplicable scenes like the bike dance at the prom; actors way too old to be the high school kids they are portraying; actors you have not heard of since like Bill Allen (Cru Jones) – just to name a few. It is glorious. If you want a legitimate flaw in this movie, I have one. The bullies/bad guys are fairly boring in their lack of dickness. The lead bad guy, Bart Taylor, has two sidekicks (who just might be Ozzie and Jose Canseco) have to be pulled away from Cru’s bike dancing performance at the prom and were chastised by Taylor for cheering along.  At the end, if I remember correctly, Cru and Taylor hoist a bike together as if they are now best buds.  It’s amazing this movie was so good considering the complete lack of a truly hated character.

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