Podcast: Win Red Sox Tickets, UMass Football, Fun in Sports + Beer

Umass Football

UMass vs Navy. Photo by Matt Dailey via Flickr

First person to name (in the comments) the 80s TV show theme song that appears somewhere in this podcast, wins a pair of Red Sox-Angels tickets.

Don’t want Red Sox tickets? Well, that’s understandable and if that’s the case we’ll send you a t-shirt.  Give ‘em hell.

Here’s a quick list of things we cover in this milestone podcast:

Red Sox trophy auction

Carlos Tevez as golf caddie at the British Open begs the question should sports be fun?

Is the NCAA a bunch of pretentious whores as Deadspin so eloquently suggests?

UMass Football goes big time

Haircuts: where to go and how to tip

Should you know what your wife is doing illegally?

Deodorant Tips for the Sweaty Fellow

Word of the Podcast: cloyingly – in an overly sweet manner