Podcast: Doughnuts and Adrenal Fatigue over Black Saddle Bourbon in Southie

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Photo by gnews pics via Flickr.

Welcome to the first Drunken Sportsmen podcast of Summer 2014. Listen below or on iTunes. This wild ride includes:


Black Saddle Bourbon

Black Saddle won the 2014 Double Gold at the San Francisco World spirits competition. We do our best to discern its flavors and quality with an in depth break down of the aesthetics of the bottle and label.

Espolon Tequila

Our first and everlasting love.

Adrenal Fatigue

It’s real and if you drink lots of coffee and alcohol, you probably suffer from it to some degree. Don’t worry we got your back.

Twitter spam

Why Anthony had to take down his tweet about hitting the trifecta at the Preakness.

George Gershwin, Geniuses, and Malcolm Gladwell

Drew drops some riveting Gershwin knowledge and explains his (Drew’s) inability to appreciate nuance in food and drink. Anthony delves into the myth of genius per Malcolm Gladwell and expresses disdain for Gladwell’s effect on pseudo-intellectual cocktail party talk. I come to Gladwell’s defense because his books are fucking awesome even if they enable superficial folks to glean some nuggets to make themselves look smart.

Do We All Lack Depth?

Are we all a mile wide and an inch deep?

The World Cup – Was this progress for US Soccer?

Did Jurgen Klinsmann cause some of USMNT’s injuries? Is America becoming more into soccer? USA bars and watching parties say so. Anthony’s broadcast strategy for growing soccer in America.

Doughnuts – An Exploration of Their Role in Our Society

In depth discussion of the best doughnuts and why no one ever orders doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts. Introducing our new Doughnut Truck. Devolves into a discussion of why sliders are better than burgers.

The Worst Thing I’ve Seen on TV This Week

Hint: both were on ESPN. Only one involved humans guzzling soggy buns.

Abbreve of the Week

“Seg” – thanks Anthony.

Spontaneity Exercise – What would your last words be?

What sage and meaningful thing would you say as your last words?

Photo by gnews pics via Flickr.

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