Patriots: Sky’s the Limit for Ridley, Jones, Hightower & Lloyd

Pats Shirt: Man Myth LegendHow do you not come out of the Patriots-Titans game in a near orgasmic state?

Stevan Ridley

looks like an all-pro featured back — something Tom Brady has had only once in his entire career. (See Corey Dillon 2004)

When was the last time you saw the Pats close out a game like that?  In the 4th quarter, Brady handed the ball off 12 times and only attempted 4 passes.

Brandon Lloyd

might be the best wide receiver Brady has ever had.  No, Lloyd will likely not match Moss’s record-setting 23 TD receptions of the 2007 season, but he can do a lot of things Moss would not do.  He works every part of the field.  He’s a legit deep threat (despite the dropped bomb, which was eerily reminiscent of the Welker Super Bowl drop when you watch it in slow motion).

Lloyd looked every bit the elite receiver on a leaping sideline snag after a less than perfect ball by Brady.  Look for Lloyd to average one eye-popping play per game this year.  Best of all, he does it quietly.

Chandler Jones

by most accounts, including Bill Belichick’s, exceeded expectations Sunday.  Although the most impressive part of his strip sack was Dont’a Hightower’s composure in calmly fielding the rolling fumble, shaking a defender, and taking it in for the score.  That was Bruschi-esque awareness and play-making.

Tavon “no one heard of me until I was drafted in the 2nd round” Wilson even got in on the action with a diving interception off Kyle Arrington’s deflection.

Yes, it was the Titans.  Yes, it was week one.  No, Brian Waters isn’t walking through that door (until week 8 or so if I had to guess). Yes, the secondary still looks highly suspect.

The downside of being a Patriots fan is that the odds are your season will end in disappointment.  Year in and year out the Pats make a run at the Super Bowl and every year since 2004 has ended in gut wrenching devastation. BUT!  We get to enjoy the regular season.

There will be some ups and downs for sure.  Yet, as long as Brady is on the field and Belichick is on the sidelines, we can safely assume there will be a lot to celebrate in the regular season.

So, savor this.  Make ridiculous statements about how good this team could be, project 1,500 yards each for Lloyd and Ridley, 20 sacks for Jones, 20 TDs a piece for Hernandez and Gronkowski.

The Arizona Cardinals come to town this weekend with their franchise backup QB, Kevin Kolb, at the helm.  I think we got a great chance for multiple orgasms this Sunday.

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