Patriots Fans: Worst of Society or Just Like You?

Fuck New England

Classy Giants fans. Likely not representative of the whole NYG fan base. Photo by Johnia!

Patriots fans allegedly taunted Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith about his deceased brother.

This allegation is now being used by many, as is so often the case, to paint the entire Patriots fan base as vile, ruthless creatures who care only about winning and eating newborns.

Any Patriots fans that taunted Torrey Smith about his brother are horrible people. I wish they were not Patriots fans, that they be banned from Twitter and NFL stadiums, and that they’d be publicly ridiculed.

There is nothing more cowardly and ignorant than taunting someone about a devastating incident in their personal life. The people that do this sort of thing from the safety of the stands or their living rooms are some of the worst society has to offer.

They are akin to the people that do shocking acts that are the meat of morning news and that make 99% of us sick.

They are an aberration.

What they are not, is a reflection of Patriots fans as a whole. Patriots Nation has its fair share of undesirables much like every other professional sports fan base in the world.

Guess what Patriots haters?  Torrey Smith was taunted about this tragedy in every single NFL stadium outside of Baltimore this season.

You know why? Because you put 70,000 people in a stadium, give many of them excessive amounts of alcohol, a violent sport to watch, and guess what happens?  The loudest, drunkest, angriest, and most despicable of them will make themselves known – one way or another.

I wish we could just ignore these dark corners of society, or accept them for what they are — a sick and fractional part of the whole.

Unfortunately, mainstream media picks these stories up and spews them out there because they know that we human beings love to feel contempt for our rivals.  It briefly gives us a sense of superiority. (See Happiness Hypothesis – great book).

Patriots fans like myself, of which I know many, feel nothing but sympathy for Torrey Smith (and maybe some combo of respect and envy as he is the deep threat the Pats are missing and a large part of the Ravens’ trip to the Super Bowl). Smith is dealing with a horrible tragedy while playing professional football at the highest level.

I wish like hell that his team had lost last Sunday. Yet, no matter how much I dislike the Ravens and their grand-standing, loud mouth preacher, Ray Lewis, I would never say anything to Torrey Smith about his brother except, “I’m sorry.”

I know that 99% of Patriots Nation is with me on this.

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Photo by Johnia!