NFL Draft: Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill

Another draft day mistake by the Dolphins?

Ryan Tannehill is a fraud.

He owes his PR staff a big bonus; he has gone from a 3rd round pick to a top 10 pick in the past month. He is a good athlete, but has only played QB for 2 years. He shows potential but he needs to go to a team that will let him sit and learn, like Aaron Rodgers did in Green Bay, even though Rodgers was much more talented a prospect.

If Miami takes him, they have 3 mediocre QBs (Moore, Garrard and Tannehill.) Tannehill will be pressured to play, and he will struggle against NFL defenses, and oh yeah who is he throwing to? Brian Hartline? Devone Bess? and Anthony Fasano? Might as well be Moe, Larry and Curly.

The Dolphins would be much better served taking Michael Floyd, who easily becomes their best WR, and can contribute immediately.  The Dolphins can then try to get QB Brandon Wheeden in the 2nd or draft WR Alshon Jeffery from S. Carolina and let Matt Moore play the season.

The knock on Matt Flynn’s success in the few games he played in Green Bay was that anyone could put up big #s in Joe Philbin’s offense. Ok, well if anyone can, why not give Moore a chance? And if he isn’t good next year you have Matt Barkley (USC), Landry Jones (Oklahoma), and Tyler Wilson (Arkansas) available — all of them are better prospects then Tannehill, right now.

As a Patriots fan, when the Fins take Tannehill, you should sit back, put your feet up and let out a sinister laugh, because the AFC east QBs are a joke besides Brady.

Kansas City makes more sense because Tannehill could sit a year behind Cassel and they could decide whether or not Cassel is their guy.  This puts no pressure on Tannehill giving him a better chance at long term success.

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