NFL Draft Movie: Costner To Play Browns GM

Draft Day MovieOn April 11th, desperate NFL fans across the country will head to movie theaters.

My gut reaction:

This movie will be terrible.

BUT diehard NFL and draft fans will love it enough to keep it from bombing.

This is Moneyball for NFL fans. It’s a Hollywood depiction of the Cleveland Browns’ war room on draft day. You might get the sense when watching the trailer that this was filmed over a weekend. I thought it was an ESPN or SNL skit when I first saw it. Thankfully, it is not.  

The Browns’ head coach is played by Denis Leary.  At one point, Kevin Costner, the GM asks Leary if they do things differently in Dallas.  Leary’s response:

“Yeah, we win — a lot!

Wow, that’s horrible.  First of all the Cowboys have been, at best, middling for the last 15 years. So, yes, I think this will be an awful movie on the whole, but the subject matter will be interesting enough to desperate NFL fans everywhere. Cleveland fans in particular will likely feel a sensation not unlike sexual arousal while watching their team make a splash in this fictional NFL draft.

At one point, Costner the GM is accused of being crazy for his draft strategy.  Costner responds, “Haven’t I proven that already?” I appreciate the effort to resurrect Costner’s loose cannon character in Tin Cup.  Tin Cup was a great movie. I just don’t get the feeling that this will be a great movie. I believe in the ability to make snap judgments based on movie trailers a la Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink,  and I just get a bad feeling watching this trailer.

If nothing else, this is more content to get us through the NFL-free months. You have to give these guys credit.  No one else has tried to make a movie like this in recent years.

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