Liverpool: 60% of the Time They Win All the Time

Hey Clowns,

So it’s been a great week for Liverpool….sort of.

Last Wednesday, the Reds actually CAME FROM BEHIND…wait for it….AWAY FROM HOME to beat Stoke City in the Carling Cup. Think about those two things…come from behind….away from home. I don’t think we’ve done that in years.

*note: if any of you read that as “cum from behind” and chuckled a little bit, nice.

However, Liverpool fans can never have just a pure, straight-up “fantastic” week. If the Gods see us enjoying our football and savoring success, they immediately shit all over us. Just for kicks. So sure enough, following two fantastic wins, Steven Gerrard picks up an ankle infection and is expected to miss 2-4 weeks.

Fuck off.

LFC Team News

After we entertain Swansea, the Premier League goes on holiday for 2 weeks to make room for a quick International. No one enjoys these breaks for two reasons: 1) who the hell cares about international friendlies, 2) inevitably, a Liverpool player gets injured. So we return 2 weeks later on the 20th of November to take on Chelsea. Hooray.

Personal News

I recently purchased a leopard gecko named Stevie. Yes, he is named after the Liverpool captain. No, I am not gay…or a hippie.

Phoenix Landing

So unfortunately most of us cannot attend this weekend. It is homecoming at UMass, so we will be coming home. Hahahahahahah hilarious. It’s a play on words.

Anyways, coordinate amongst yourselves if you care to go to the bar.

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Photo by Andy Nugent