LFC TOTW – January Transfer Targets

1/2/2012 – Email exchanges between three LFC Boston Fans that have nothing better to do with their time.

Yes, it is that time of the year. The time of year where we pray, and pray, and pray some more that we will be rewarded with gifts. That our hard work and good deeds haven’t gone unnoticed. No, I am not talking about a visit from some fat bloke named Santa Claus that you pagans worship. I’m talking about the Transfer Window! – or as I like to call it, the “Holy Fuck What The Hell is Going On” Window. Ah, it seems like just yesterday Liverpool was dropping the bills to bring in Charlie Adam, Luis Enrique, Luis Suarez, and errr…Andy Carroll. However, a new transfer window brings hope and promise. For the first time this century, Liverpool may actually have two positive transfer windows in a row. John Henry does not appear to be afraid to splash the cash, especially if it helps us qualify for the Champions League. So I ask, who would you like to see brought in? Who should be sold? Which players will we be inevitably linked to? Please weigh in.


Jimmy K: First and foremost, I think it is clear we do not need to sell anyone. Unlike years past, when the likes of Babel, Riera, and N’gog frustrated the hell out of me, I wanted nothing more than to sell sell sell. However, it is a completely different team this year and all of that deadwood is out the door. If anything, we need to strengthen our squad even more if we are to compete for a top four spot. I would like to see another striker come in, someone who’s capable of scoring goals. With Andy Carroll misfiring, all we need is for Suarez or Bellamy to get injured and we’re screwed. Not to mention we may lose Suarez to a suspension. After that, I would like to see some more midfielders brought in – particularly a defensive midfielder now that Lucas is gone. Thoughts?


Pankin: I agree with James on both points.  We need some more stability in the midfield with Lucas gone for the year and Gerrard out for an undetermined amount of time.  We are also in desperate need of another scorer up top.  I’m genuinely dreading what’s going to happen if/when Suarez has to serve his suspension(s), because I am really nervous about our offensive productivity without Suarez playing.I’m hearing the name Ozil mentioned, but I’ve also read is that it’s possible he wouldn’t be a target until the end of the season.  This would be an interesting play, he’s really a creative player in the midfield and he’s really fast.  I hope they go after him, I think he would be a great addition to a young, creative, well-rounded midfield.  Another midfield name I’ve heard is Sandro from Spurs, because he isn’t featuring as much this season and could be looking to move out.  I’m pretty confident that they will go after a relatively big name to solidify the midfield, we’ll just have to wait and see who they go after.

I also read that Rory Donnelly, an up and coming striker, was close to making a move to Anfield.  I think the Reds must look to sign an established striker who they know can come in and provide goals immediately. I’m not opposed to signing a player like Donnelly who people say has a bright upside, but we need not forget that there is already a young-striker-with-a bright-upside-who-needs-to-develop chilling on our bench (possibly drunk or nursing a hangover) that Liverpool must tend to.  I think an immediate scoring threat, as opposed to a young project, needs to be a priority here.


AA: As you may know, the mid-season transfer window is one of my favorite times of years. The preposterous rumors, the breathless speculation, the reporters camped outside training grounds, private helicopters waiting to whisk players at a moments notice. It is all fantastic stuff. Made even more fantastic through Twitter, where all it takes is a kid with a sense of humor, a hashtag, and 140 characters to dupe half the civilized world into believing that Barca is selling David Villa to LFC for $100 million, or other such nonsense.

Transfer window gossip and fomenting civil unrest: the two things Twitter was made for.
As for LFC, I agree with you both that we need OFFENSE, OFFENSE, OFFENSE. Thank God for set pieces, because our ability to score in the normal run of play is atrocious. I’ve started to dry heave every time we hit the post. That’s a lot of dry-heaving. If the only move we make is to bring in a top class striker to partner with Suarez and pick up the slack when he gets blackballed by the FA, then I would consider this a very successful window. So in order of importance, here’s my list of what we need:
1) A striker
2) Steven Gerrard (I understand he may be interested in coming back to play football again, this would be a nice addition to our midfield)
3) Goals that are .0001 inches wider than currently permitted under FIFA rules.
I am confident that we will acquire at least two of three above-listed items. I’m also curious to hear your thoughts on how the needs of the other six teams competing for the Champions League slots compare to and will impact LFC’s.
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