Larry Bird Highlights: Chicken Soup for the Celtic Fan’s Soul

Robert Parish was on WEEI’s Big Show yesterday afternoon.  Ordway, Holley, Maxwell, and Parish were reminiscing about the 80s Celtics and it got me feeling nostalgic. So, I went looking for some old highlights and stumbled on to this gem from

Bird was animal – no pun intended.  I love the no-look, backwards overhead passes.  One thing that stood out in watching a bunch of these videos is Bird’s composure.  In game 2 of the 1985 Eastern Conference Finals, Bill Laimbeer hit him in the face on two different plays.  Bird proceeded to pants Laimbeer (metaphorically) for the rest of the game by dominating him in every which way.

This is what Rajon Rondo lacks right now.  Rondo loses his temper much too easily.  If Rondo can be trained to focus, keep cool, and channel his anger into his play he could take his game to the next level — consistently.

Featured image by wallyg.