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Jim Beam Distiller’s Series Bourbon

The Drunken Sportsmen will drink Jim Beam Distiller’s Series bourbon on the next episode. Here’s a preview from Matt Hamlin of A Jigger of a Blog:

The Distiller’s Series bourbon has a beautiful yellowed ruby color. The nose is strong and sharp, with cherry, honey, and pepper scents dominating. The first sip goes in easy; the pepper hits the hardest, then comes cherry with hints of charred wood. What’s most surprising from the strong nose is the the lack of burn. For a 90 proof bourbon, it’s quite smooth – significantly more so than the traditional 80 proof Jim Beam. As I finished the glass of Distiller’s Series Bourbon — consumed neat, in a whiskey tasting glass — I started to get a much stronger vanilla cream flavor, along with more pepper tones on the middle-outside parts of the tongue. It was almost as if the mash was dancing between sweet corn flavors and almost the sugar-molasses quality of an aged rum…..

For just around $20 for a fifth, this is a pretty good deal. I can see this being a decent bourbon for making Manhattans at a big party — good enough to make it special, but at a $21 price point not so expensive as to be precious.  I wouldn’t put it up against any of the $30-40 per bottle bourbons (Maker’s, Knob Creek, Willett etc) and I probably would prefer Buffalo Trace or Wild Turkey 101 if someone forced me to pick my favorite $20 bourbon. That said, it’s not every day that you find a perfectly enjoyable and fun bourbon that only costs $21. If you’re looking for something in that price range, I’d recommend giving the Distiller’s Series bourbon a try.

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