How Robert Griffin III’s Injury Will Affect His Output For The Rest Of His Career

RG3 in pink

Photo by Brook Ward via and Flickr.

After a superb rookie season that resulted in a divisional championship and playoff berth for the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III appeared to be the savior for a franchise that had fallen on tough times. His ability to run and throw the football threw a wrench in nearly every defense last season, but in the playoffs, his knee was torn to shreds. With a full offseason of rehabilitation, how will Griffin do in 2013 and beyond?

As fast and dynamic as Griffin is, just about everyone knew that his running ways would have to be toned down a bit as he became a legitimate passer. He was drafted #2 overall in 2012 partly because of those legs, but his arm can make him a premier pocket passer in the NFL as well.

One of the keys for the Washington Redskins going forward is the fact that they have a promising and young running back to carry the rushing load named Alfred Morris. Not a lot of people expected him to be so good in his 1st year as a late round pick, but he proved to be almost as valuable as Griffin in fantasy football towards the end of the season.

A more pass-first Robert Griffin III will still be very dangerous. It is not like he will not run at all, which means he will have a few surprise attacks from time to time. As Adrian Peterson showed to the world last year, a torn ACL can fully recover in just a year. The Redskins will be very careful with Griffin going forward, but at the same time they know he can only be as valuable as he is if he is not overthinking everything. Expect him to have a strong campaign in 2013, but perhaps just a tick below his numbers in 2012. He still has one of the brightest futures at the position.