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Hangover 2 Trailer: Get it While It’s Hot

Apparently, this trailer is getting pulled from theaters, so let’s give it a quick review while it’s here. So, in this one the baby has been replaced with a monkey. It looks to be more of the same, which is fine. The success of Hangover 1 clearly proves there is a taste for more. It appears Thailand has been substituted for Vegas, and the girlfriends little brother gets lost in place of the groom. There looks to be more full frontal nudity from the little Asian guy, so that’s awesome. There’s a face tattoo in place of tooth removal – a little head nod to Mike Tyson on that one. I’m sure this movie will be entertaining and shocking much like the first one. Expect the shock to be ratcheted up a bit because that’s how things go in Hollywood. The only question is how much shock will they leave for Hangover 3 (there’s already speculation that the 3rd will be filmed in Rio de Janeiro).   submit to reddit