Hangover 2: Only Slightly Worse Than a Real Hangover; A List of Movies Better Than Hangover 2

Photo by PopCultureGeek.com

Hangover 2 sends this message from the Hollywood powers that be, “we had some success with the first Hangover so we’re going to crap out a sequel that varies only slightly from the original movie because we know you’ll pay to see it.”

I think I laughed three times.  It was so obvious that they merely took the original formula and just regurgitated it in a different setting.  The thing that worked so well with the original was it’s originality, and Hangover 2 was completely devoid of anything resembling an original idea.

It’s an hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back.  The only power you have here as a movie-goer, aside from writing about it on the internet, is to not go see the movie.  So, do yourself a favor and do not go see this tribute to mediocrity.

I am so disgusted with Hangover 2 that I have decided to compile a list of every movie that I have watched since that is better.  This is likely to be updated every time I watch a movie:

Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Long but pretty interesting story. Suspend disbelief and just enjoy the story. Forrest Gump-esque.

Horrible Bosses: Hilarious. Great chemistry between the three leads Bateman, Sudakis, and Day. Could be an entertaining trio for years to come if Hollywood is paying attention.

The Verdict (1982): Straight up drunk lawyer (played by Paul Newman) turns caring and talented. Set in Boston. Very interesting to see how much Southie has changed since the early 80s.

The Lincoln Lawyer: Matthew McConaughey should only be allowed to play a lawyer in any movie. He’s believable as a character with big balls and intelligence. Bonus: Marisa Tomei is still hot and Ryan Phillippe plays the perfect evil douchebag.

Win Win: Very good and somehow makes mid-life seem potentially exciting.  Cast consists of Paul Giamatti and a bunch of people you probably only vaguely recognize.  Feel good movie.