FIFA 13 News!

The trailer and skill games vids have been released and look awesome!

FIFA 13 Clubs

Lots of Club news was released today and most of it great.  I’ve grabbed it off of their official Twitter feed and compiled for ease of reading:
Clubs: Free Agent Hub allows you to play Drop-In Matches, looks at leaderboards etc. before joining a club.
Clubs: AI teammates get better as your Club improves.
Clubs: Matchmaking allows you to filter ANYS and human goalkeepers to your preference.
Clubs: Maxed out Pros more realistic to real life players. Accomplishments and growth have been tuned.
Clubs: Online Pro and CPU teammates stats based off real attributes from players in top leagues.
Clubs: Now has Seasons format! No more confusing rank points/leagues. Get to Div 1!
Clubs: Tuning to Human GKs… no more fully assisted in Clubs, tuned attributes and accomplishments.
Clubs: Online Pro for Clubs only: no more offline boosting.
Clubs: Online Pro progression saved on the server, not save files. Bye-bye hackers! 

Online boosting only for club players is a huge change (deep breath here).

Yes, it will take longer for everyone to make their pros better but this is good.  The pro’s file is kept server-side so that people cannot use cheater local files to boost to 100%.  Having pros worse longer will extend your season too as things seems to get a little non-competitive in early summer every year.

Lots of other goodies in there.   Thoughts?

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