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Why You Should Eat Less Meat


By Lars Pistasj http://www.flickr.com/photos/loandersson/

Let me start by acknowledging that 1) I’m late to the party and 2) I’m a hypocrite.

I eat meat almost everyday.

Most days the menu includes buffalo chicken, of the boneless variety, slathered in blue cheese. If I eat pizza, it has to have some kind of meat – pepperoni, sausage, steak, buffalo chicken, bbq chicken or all of the above.  Healthy meals in the form of salad are always accompanied by, at a minimum, grilled chicken.

Recently, I had a chance encounter with buffalo mozzarella sticks and the experience was transcendent.

Now, I didn’t take the time to double-check the meaning of transcendent, but I’m fairly certain that these buffalo cheese sticks meet the criteria. They were like buffalo chicken, but better.  The consistency was more pleasing, the ratio of breading and “meat” (cheese) was perfect, and the stick absorbed the perfect amount of buffalo sauce.

It hit me that night, chicken has no taste.

It’s just filler — a mere carrier of sauces, breadings, spices, etc.  So, why kill an animal just to get a carrier when you can get a perfectly adequate and even tastier carrier in cheese?  (I realize cheese is a far from perfect substitute as the majority of mass-produced cheese will still come from unhealthy, abused, and environment-destroying cattle, but it’s a step in the right direction.)

“Hold up,” you might be thinking, “was this all just a set up to a diatribe about animal rights?”

No. Well, not yet.  My primary point is logic. If you live longer, you can eat more tasty treats and drink more booze.

Maybe, just maybe, you can have more sex!  Who doesn’t like “the sex”? Who doesn’t like feeling and looking better? Who doesn’t like a planet inhabitable by human life? (Probably went too far on that last one for some of you.)

A lot of people take pride in their meat consumption as masculine and American.

I used to get that.  Now, I recognize it for what it is — willful obliviousness.

I’m not saying you should go full blown vegetarian. I’m saying eat less meat. Buy grass-fed, pasture-raised, free range, sustainable meat whenever possible. The animals are healthier and so is the land. In the video below, Graham Hill makes a compelling argument for weekday vegetarianism. You don’t need to dive in full bore to make a difference for yourself and the world. Every little bit matters.

My interest in eating less meat is driven largely by a bunch of documentaries I watched on Netflix recently.  I highly recommend all of these to anyone with a desire to feel better and prevent disease. To name a few:

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Forks Over Knives

Food Matters

A few years ago, I became aware that I am a huge hypocrite.

I couldn’t kill an animal unless my life depended on it, and I don’t respect people who hunt animals. We live in an age where most of us do not need to kill or eat animals to live a perfectly healthy and happy life. I now try to keep my beef consumption to a minimum. The vast majority of cows are treated like shit, suffering inhumane conditions until they are slaughtered. Ironically, our obsession with killing and eating cows is killing our planet and our health.

Many of us would cut back on our meat consumption if we were fully aware of the impact on our health, environment, and animals.

We need to be shaken out of the trance of doing what everyone else does.  If these documentaries don’t inspire you to eat less meat, then I guess we’ll just have to wait for the personal health crisis to change your thinking.

Photo by Lars Pistasj.

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