Earthquake Survival Shots, West End Johnnies, and Upcoming Podcasts

Get buzzed under Belichick's watchful eye and game-worn hoody.

At West End Johnnies the other night I was quickly reminded of the fun that is a solo bar trip (just ask Misery Bear).  Johnnies is a couple blocks from the Garden in Boston, and has an impressive collection of sports memorabilia packing the bar and walls.

After the earthquake that shook the eastern seaboard earlier this week, I decided shots were in order.  With the help of some spirited co-workers, we came up with the Earthquake Survival Shot:

1 part bourbon (substitute honey bourbon if you prefer a sweeter shot)

1 part citrus vodka

couple squeezes of lemon wedge and…..

BOOM!  Laser show.

The fantastic bartenders at Johnnies obliged and made a few of these.  After shaking it all up with ice, this is a pretty good shot or drink that is sure to restore the will to live.  If you prefer a drink over a shot, club soda is a good mixer.

Johnnies’ bartender Dana Roy crafted a sweeter cousin of the Earthquake shot that he calls “Ride the Lightning” and consists of Wild Turkey Honey and lemon juice.

We will sample these drinks and more on an upcoming podcast, and will soon publish our recent podcast reunion with Red Sox Hall of Fame pitcher Bill “Spaceman” Lee, which took place in the shadows of the Green Monster at the Cask ‘n Flagon.

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