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Censorship Turned Hilarity

I just stumbled on to this email exchange between my brother and I from a few years ago.  It’s a great illustration of the fun that can be censorship (even if you’re not getting laid).  I’ve bolded the censored and most relevant parts, and italicized the only edits (to protect the semi-innocent)

From: W B <@yahoo.com>
To: J B <@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 12:35:10 PM
Subject: Re: Thanksgiving

Yes not getting laid either.  But that’s actually a good thing.  I don’t have time to be laying anyone.  well, I have time for the actual act but not all the other tasks that come with it.  I was out w/ so and so last night I think she’s up for some more laying…
I’ll bring some West Wing, and College football.  I started watching the 2nd season again.  2-3 are the best.  I just won the Nat’l championship w/ UMass over LSU.  Huge comeback, it was incredible, made my day.  Then I had the best recruiting class of anyone.  Heck yeah!  So this cpu won’t let me type swears because its in the common area of my apt.  Check this out:  Yeah the Patriots have been a bunch of little bitches these past 2 ….ing weeks.  Those …….kers better get their mother….ing shit together.  The offensive play calling has been ….ing awful, and the receivers have been a bunch of butterfingered shiteaters.  Ha it lets me write shiteaters but not …. or …. or …….ker or mother….er! Wow, this is fun.
So I should actually be home this friday instead of Monday. 
See ya then,


ps not drinking liquor anymore, its caused me a world of hurt these past 2 weeks.  Thinking of not drinking anything – seriously this time. 

J B <@yahoo.com> wrote:

Sorry to hear about your joblessness – could be worse. Oh wait, you’re not getting laid either are you? Tough situation…….
I’m really looking forward to T-Day – I think I’ll get drunk. Bring a good tv show DVD OK? Maybe Madden or College?
Sports turf great, just like a dome; Tom Brady‘s great in a dome! Maybe he won’t be shitty now.

See you Monday Bitch!


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