Boston Sports Tweets of the Day

Tom Brady throwing

Tom Brady says hi. Photo by the great Keith Allison.

We scoured Twitter for the most insightful and/or humorous Boston sports tweets of the day.  And the winners from Tuesday, September 4, 2012, are….

Jeff Howe ‏@jeffphowe:

The Patriots are pumping Creed through the PA at practice. If they can practice through that, they can play through anything.

Not to be “that guy,” but Deion Branch still has a fully stocked locker in the Patriots locker room.

Why Belichick is the best: runs I-formation all preseason then cuts every fullback. Good luck preparing Fisher.

With 12 wins in 2012 Bill Belichick (175) will pass Chuck Knox (186) and move into 9th place all-time. #Patriots

Bill Belichick on Ryan Mallett: “He’s in the on-deck circle. He’s the next guy. … He’s earned that spot now.”

Trouble with sports: Great seasons in MLB by Baltimore; Oakland; Cincinnati and all ESPN cares about is Bobby Valentine and the Red Sox.

Jeff Passan argues that hiring Bobby Valentine ranks with Buckner & trading Babe Ruth. What’s he smoking? I want some.

[commentary: Jeff Passan will write anything for page views.]

Burn. RT @keithlaw Roger Clemens says he doesn’t intend to pitch in big leagues this year, but I’d like to hear it from a credible source.

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Photo by the great and generous Keith Allison via Flickr.