Boston Sports Nuggets: Ellsbury or Crawford, 98 Mile, LFC at Fenway

LFC at Fenway

Photo by Misconmike via Flickr

Jacoby Ellsbury or Carl Crawford?

For those still watching the Red Sox, I’d be willing to bet that upwards of 90% of us thought that Jacoby Ellsbury would stay down after making a leaping/stumbling grab in the triangle last Thursday night vs the Tigers.

Ellsbury is an incredible athlete and consistently makes eye-popping plays, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that he will spend substantial time on the DL throughout his career. I would trade Ellsbury, but his absence could amplify the consequences of signing Carl Crawford (or Carl Contract as Michael Holley has freudianly referred to the former stud).

It’s a special kind of hell that Red Sox fans occupy.  One where the GM that was so celebrated for building an 86 year old curse-busting team just a few years ago, is now vilified for pumping us full of Crawford-Lackey-Beckett-Lester and dumping us for an even uglier bride in the Cubs.

Although, a quick listen in to 98.5 or WEEI, and you quickly realize that much of the vitriol is aimed at Red Sox ownership.  Larry Lucchino seems to be the piñata of the week.

98 Mile

98.5 shows just how many miles ahead of WEEI they are with the 98 mile contest.  Truthfully, Toucher and Rich are the class of that station as the only sports radio show in this city that breaks the mold.  98 Mile is basically a rap battle.  The battles are between hosts on the station. Listeners can also submit musical attacks on their host of choice.  I have caught a couple of these so far and they have been shockingly well done.

LFC at Fenway

First off, quick congratulations to Jimmy K’s lady for her awesome performance of the national anthem at LFC-Roma.

A few close friends of the Drunken Sportsmen are huge Liverpool fans so a bunch of us went to the friendly.  Unfortunately, I did not attend the pregame festivities that highlighted the day.  I did waste $65 of my hard-earned money on a centerfield seat for this “match.”  The saving grace of the day was watching Michael Bradley score his first goal for Roma.  The Serie A club had a great turnout as evidenced by the eruption in the left field box seats when Bradley buried a seeing-eye ball off the left post to make it 1-0 Roma.

Back to my gripes though because that’s what this is really about.  How does LFC justify not even allowing Steven Gerrard to set foot on the field to take one set piece and bow?  I don’t claim to be a diehard LFC supporter.  I like the history.  I like the current underdog state of the team.  I like the birthday that we share (March 15th).  There are a lot of beautiful things about Liverpool football. BUT failing to put Gerrard on the field for even a second in front of all these fans that may never get to see him play again — that’s shit.

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