Boston Liverpool Fans: Woe is Me


Hello again fellow fans,

Obviously this is the hardest email I’ve had to write to you so far this year. Our 4-0 thumping to Tottenham at the weekend was difficult to swallow. Not only did we lose, but none of you clowns were around to go to the Phoenix with me. And while I normally would welcome the option to stay in my pajamas with a cold beer at 830am snuggled in my own bed, this was not possible. Why? Because the game was on Fox Soccer Plus, a station Comcast does not care to carry in Boston.

So I went alone. I felt alone. I left alone. If you think I stayed long enough to see the third and fourth goals, you’re delusional.


There is a Carling Cup game tomorrow afternoon vs. Brighton. Charlie Adam and Martin Skrtle will be serving their red card suspensions for this game. It’s also rumored that Steven Gerrard will make an appearance, but to be honest, there’s a greater chance of me buying the new Coldplay album than seeing our captain return to action.


Still none of your business.


Clearly none of us will be going to the Phoenix for the Carling Cup game. The next game is this weekend vs Wolverhampton. Anthony and Seth – the rest of us are going to cheer our Alma Mater Umass taking on BC – so you’re on your own. I know what you’re thinking: why would I miss a LFC game for UMass football? Well, we are hardcore tailgating, and this is the closest I will get to the soccer passion I crave to be a part of over in England.

Until next time,

Jimmy K

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Photo by Shaun Wong.