Boston Liverpool Fans: Manchester United Recap & Norwich Preview

Hey everyone –

Holy shit, really? HOLY SHIT REALLY? Steven Gerrard, his first start in 6 months, scores a goal (from a free kick no doubt) in the second half, right in front of The Kop….to give us the lead!?!?!! AGAINST MANCHESTER UNITED!! Is it too good to be true? Is this some sort of sick joke the Gods are playing on us because we got to a bar at 7am, fresh off a night of partying??? YES. YES, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Those wankers had to let in a goal. FROM A CORNER KICK. If you asked me before the game:

“Jim,Liverpool is going to blow a lead today, how will it happen?” – History shows that it will happen one of two ways: 1) Jamie Carragher gives away a penalty 2) Goal from a corner kick.

Bastards. Too good to be true.


Team News

Liverpool played in a friendly match yesterday against Scottish League-leaders Rangers and lost 1-0. I did not see the game, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like we played terrible. Hopefully we can get our act together for Saturday’s game against a Norwich side that has been quite impressive over recent weeks. Expect an almost identical line-up to the one used against Man Utd. These next few games are crucial for Liverpool, as they are all winnable games.

Personal News

I recently purchased a pair of black dress shoes and a black belt for work, and I must say, I’ve never looked better. It is true what they say, once you go black, you never go back. Wait, is that applicable here?

Phoenix Landing

Sadly, I cannot make it to the bar this weekend folks. Stupid family commitment. So for those of you that want to go, coordinate with each other. The game is a 12 o’clock kickoff, plenty of time for Lindsey to awake from an alcohol/seamen induced coma.

Fear not however, the following weekend’s game is 10am I believe. I think we should all try to make that one, since it has been a while that all of us could make a game together.

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Photo by Greg Marshall