Boston Liverpool Fans: LFC Update – The Scare Halloween Edition


For Halloween this year, I’m going to be Jordan Henderson and have sex with my girlfriend since the lad can’t seem to score in real life. Heyoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
We are four days away from Halloween weekend, but I am already scared out of my pants. I’m scared we will keep dropping points, when a victory is so close. SO CLOSE. My god, are we serious? Do you know how many opportunities we had to score a goal? 29!! And if you’re a highly esteemed Business Analyst like myself, you’d figure out that if all our goal scoring opportunities went in, we would have won 29-0 (did I do that math right?).
I hate writing these emails because I’m reminded of those puffs running around the field pretending they’re a team with a winning mentality. If it weren’t for the eye candy of Suarez and Gerrard galloping around, glistening with sweat, would it even be worth watching these games?

Team News

Liverpool play a Carling Cup game TOMORROW, Wednesday October 26th at 2:45 EST against Stoke City. Let’s hope we can get revenge for that bush league defeat we suffered earlier this season at the Britannia. I don’t think this game is on TV, but I will downloading it later in the evening, SO RADIO SILENCE EVERYONE.

Personal News

Strathmore 6 is having the 2nd annual Halloween bash this Friday starting at 9pm. All are welcome. If you would like to see me dry-heaving Vodka Redbulls, I suggest you stay until at least 10:30.

Phoenix Landing

Everyone – lets all try and make it this weekend, eh? We are playing Grandpa Hodgson’s West Brom team at 1230 (yes Andy!) . Could you ask for a better kick-off time? I expect everyone to be there. No excuses. I will be aiming to arrive at the Phoenix at 11:15am.


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Photo by Andy Nugent