Boston Liverpool Fans: Getting You Ready For the Big One

Hi Friends –

DID YOU MISS MY EMAIL LAST WEEK?? In retrospect, I should have sent an email because a few of you were raring to get to the Phoenix Landing last Saturday (*cough* Lindsey *cough cough* Seth *cough*).

In any case, it’s been a long international break, and it will be nice to get back to the bar with you goofballs. The game this saturday is very, very early. 745 AM to be exact. You all know me. You know my passion and my dedication. The question you need to ask yourselves is, “Do I have what it takes to be there with Jim on Saturday?” This isn’t the Carling Cup. This isn’t a meaningless game against Swansea. This is Manchester United. This is for realsies. Join me.

Team News
Our captain Steven Gerrard is expected to make his first start since, ironically enough, the Man Utd game last March. As a consequence, Henderson is expected to lose his starting role. Besides Martin Kelly, everyone returned from the International Break in tact and injury-free. It is also worth noting, for those of you that dont know, Man Utd front man Wayne Rooney may be off his A-game given the past 7 days he’s had to endure: A red card in the England game and his father was arrested on suspicion of illegal gambling. Take it for what you will.

Personal News
The lovely Sarah Carter graced the New England Revolution last Saturday at Gillette and sung the national anthem. She nailed it. I have never been so turned on.

Phoenix Landing
The game kicks off at 745 AM but you never know when they will open up the bar. It may be at 630, or it may be at 730. Either way, I will be arriving at the Phoenix Landing at 7 AM sharp. ANDY: we will leave at 6:40 SHARP. TOM: plan accordingly and spend the night. LINDSEY: I will be outside your apartment at 6:46 am. If i have to wait longer than 40 seconds for you to come outside because you are in a deep alcohol-induced coma, I am leaving without you. REMEMBER: It is Saturday, which means bring quarters and we can drink beer very very early. Hooray.

This is a massive game. Lets all say our prayers this week.

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Photo by Psycho Delia