Boston LFC Fans – Neosporin Doesn’t Work (Weekly Email #8)

Hey Everyone –

I was holding off on sending this email in hopes that the Luis Suarez racist abuse scandal that has rocked the journalist world would be concluded. But, it hasn’t. Yesterday and today, the Uruguayan with the loveable overbite appealed his FA racism charge. A verdict is expected later today or tomorrow. Best case scenario, the charges get dropped and Suarez is free to cause verbal and athletic pandemonium. Worst case scenario, Suarez is suspended for a game or two and Patrice Evra can continue being the gobshite that he is.

Anyways, enough with the Suarez talk. Let’s just stay positive for Sunday’s game. But who am I kidding? We’ve been playing very subpar lately. Maybe Steven Gerrard can save us if he and his doctor could discover the power of antibiotics. But no, they haven’t. I imagine the doctor telling Stevie “Listen, I know its taking a long time to heal, but I’m telling you, keep applying the neosporin twice a day for the next 2 months and see what happens.”

Team News
The Neosporin clearly isnt working.

Personal News
You may or may not have noticed that earlier in this email I used the word “Gobshite” – It’s a fantastic word isn’t it? Just let it roll off your tongue. Gobbbbb-shhhh-iitttteeee. I dont even know what it means, but it’s amazing. It’s one of those british idioms I think. Like “tele” or “wanker” or “parliament.” Anyways, I think we should all try very hard to incorporate this fantastic word into our everyday vocabulary. Just try it.

Phoenix Landing
After discussing Sunday’s game versus Aston Villa with many of you, it is clear that none of us will be able to make it to the Phoenix Landing on Sunday. Therefore, as always, I ask for radio silence from all of you for ALL OF SUNDAY. Also, it seems we may not all meet again until after Christmas. Or Chanukah. Or Festivus. Or whatever gobshite holiday you celebrate.

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Photo by Jimmy K