Boston LFC Fans – If My Words Could Cry (Weekly Email #9)

If My Words Could Cry – a poem….

If my words could cry, the screen would be wet.
Soaked by tears of Liverpool’s loss.
Down 3 nil, we had no chance
Andy Carroll sucks.
If my words could cry….they would.


I hope you liked my poem. Use it as inspiration. For when you think life is getting you down because Liverpool isn’t doing so well, just remember, you’re right. Liverpool isn’t do so well. So continue to sulk. And read my poem. Its a vicious circle.

Team News: Liverpool have decided not to appeal the 8-game ban given to Suarez for racially abusing Evra in October. Therefore, we will lose the focal-point of our offense until February 6th. Joy.

Personal News: After thirty near-fatal food comas over the holidays brought on by plenty of screaming Italian women that think the kitchen is a battlefield, I am successfully recovering and back on track with a normal eating schedule. As a result, my metabolism is normal again. Back to passing a bowel movement three times a day. Boosh.

Phoenix Landing: Liverpool play this Friday, so no weekend game. The next possible game we could all attend would be next Saturday, Jan 14th at 10am vs Stoke. Not sure if i can personally attend, but i can try to have copies of my If My Words Could Cry poem passed out at the Phoenix Landing.



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Photo by me, of course