The Untethered Soul, Sochi, Lulu & Lawrence, MA

Sochi Olympics

The Russian people don’t seem excited about the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Courtesy:

Back at Jerry Remy’s in the Seaport for a chilly Sunday night podcast (listen on iTunes or hit play below) in Boston. This episode is capped by a special guest appearance. Areas of exploration include:

Is Sam Adams the Starbucks of beer? Adjacent topic: Angry Orchard Cider

The triple threat of bar service.  The 2/3 rule.

Fan Duel — one day money fantasy leagues

Buffalo Chicken meatballs from The Parlour, West Roxbury, MA

Lawrence’s new Mayor — the great Dan Rivera

“.22 caliber mind in a .357 magnum world.”

The Untethered Soul – get control of your mind and emotions

Sochi – the destructive force that is Putin’s Olympics

Lulu – a great app to make guys feel bad about themselves

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