Podcast: Full Frontal Discussion of Life & Apple Picking At Warehouse Boston

Apple Orchard

Photo by Jeff Kubina: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kubina/

The titillating topics include:

Warehouse (bar) in Boston’s Financial District

We record from the newest bar in the Financial district whilst taking in the great game of American football, NFL style.

Are the Giants the worst team in the NFL?

Paperbag head citings in KC. Tony reports back from the front.

Apple Picking at Nashoba Valley Winery and Bolton Farms

The shocking danger and excitement of apple picking.  WTF is the deal with cider doughnuts? When pulled pork is on a doughnut, you can eat pulled pork anytime.

Earl Campbell Jersey Sighting

Why you should love Earl Campbell.

Random Wikipedia Page of the Week – History of Walpole

Much more interesting than you would think.

Answering the age old question: is America’s youth terrible?

How that kind of lazy generalization keeps us alive.

What is Ryan Reynolds like?

Not just a piece of meat.

All the Way at A.R.T.

Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad plays Lyndon Baines Johnson.  Big time actors in a tiny little theater.

Photo by Jeff Kubina

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