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2011 NFL Draft Spectacular: Cam Newton, the Demise of a Franchise?

The legendary 2011 NFL Draft Spectacular is upon us.  Follow along as we break down in excruciating detail every aspect of the NFL draft including the pivotal 5th round.   We answer many burning questions, such as:  Is Cam Newton the next big thing or the next Ryan Leaf (we could’ve gone JaMarcus Russell here, but that’s just lazy)?  Will the Patriots draft a quarterback, a running back, a Pouncey, or a pass rusher? Who will Carson Palmer throw the ball to (maybe his kids)?  Where will Mark Herzlich land and how impactful can he be?  Where will Matt Leinart play next year (may have been the booze talking)?  Here’s to Judge Susan Nelson – hero to NFL fans everywhere.

It’s the Drunken Sportsmen – cheers!  Thanks for listening!  Also available on iTunes.

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Podcast Music: Hear Us Now by Scott Altham

Photo by Chris Pusateri Photography

Chris Pusateri Photography

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