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2011 New England Patriots Draft Projection – Rounds 1 to 3

Every once in a while we like to try and conjure up some real sports analysis/substance.  So, in that spirit, we invited Justin Damron (and his slightly noticeable Midwest bias) from The Dam Sports Report to write us a little something.  J-Dam decided to throw us some insight on the New England Patriots 1st six draft picks, however, don’t expect the Pats to actually make six picks (you got a better chance of seeing Vince Wilfork make a pick six) as Bill Belichick will surely continue his draft day ritual of wheeling and dealing.  Ok, with that we open the floor to our first ever guest writer – enjoy!

I’m on baseball overload right now, which by no means is a bad thing. Just to switch it up a little, lets talk NFL Draft. Now I could care less about who 30 of the teams choose. Besides my Patriots and the Bengals, who cares?

I’m all for talking Pats football, so who will they draft? Here are my thoughts for the 1st three rounds.

Pick #1 (17th) 1st Round J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin

I see Watt as one of, if not the best, DL in this draft. With his motor and ability to get to the QB, he would be a great fit for the Patriots. Watt would help to take pressure off of big Vince Wilfork, because you can’t double team everyone.

Pick #2 (28th) 1st Round Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois

Coming out of the Big Ten conference, where they love to run the football, you know he’s a proven commodity. Racking up almost 1700 yards on the ground last year, Leshoure ran behind a below average offensive line. Everyone is aware of the Pats RB situation, but Leshoure or Ingram would be too good to pass up at this point.

Pick #3 (33rd) 2nd Round Justin Houston OLB Georgia

We stole Brandon Spikes last year, and with this pick we are going to steal someone to play opposite him. Houston is a dynamic LB, one who could easily go in the 1st round. Being a stand up pass rusher at Georgia will greatly benefit Houston in transitioning into Belichick’s system. Not to mention, his mom is obviously a genius naming him Justin! (my name)

Pick #4 (60th) 2nd Round Danny Watkins OG Baylor

Danny is a hard-nosed offensive lineman with a nasty mean streak. I’m sure everyone in Pats Nation is waiting to see how (what I’m calling) “Lo-Mank Watch 2011” plays out. If it doesn’t work out, Danny would be a great addition.

Pick #5 (74th) 3rd Round Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh

Needing some one to sure up the side of the field Randy Moss once roamed, this pick is a no-brainer. Baldwin has shown impressive instincts and skills to play the WR position in the NFL. He runs routes well and is a physical receiver. He would compliment Branch and Welker very nicely, given that Randy Moss does not return.

Pick #6 (92nd) 3rd Round Marcus Gilchrist CB Clemson

Very durable and very smart, Gilchrist has that “it factor” when it comes to football intelligence. Combining that with his good ball skills and instincts, Gilchrist seems like a great fit to grow under experienced CB Leigh Bodden.

In a perfect world that’s how the 1st three rounds would go for me. We know that The Hoody loves to deal on draft day, so we will wait and see how it plays out. I am also still holding out hope that BB will draft at least one Buckeye to put my mind at ease for having a QB in Brady from that state to the north.

Photo by Avinashkunnath

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